What is ULSAMP

The Upstate Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (ULSAMP) was formed to attract and maximize the potential of students from underrepresented populations, specifically African-American, Latino American and Native American in Upstate New York who are enrolled in STEM fields. Supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, the ULSAMP program will work across the alliance of 7 Upstate colleges and universities to increase recruitment and the subsequent graduation rate of both first-time freshmen and transfer students, by enhancing academic experiences and opportunities.

The mission of ULSAMP is to develop the next generation of innovators and grow a workforce highly qualified for a knowledge-based economy that is representative of our nation’s demographics. This will be accomplished by tapping into the rich potential of our targeted students through valuable and engaging experiences, including internships, scholarships, fellowships, mentoring, research, and other activities and events.


According to the National Science Foundation’s Science and Engineering Indicators, the gap in educational attainment between underrepresented minorities and Caucasian students remains wide, especially in science and engineering fields. ULSAMP provides an opportunity to reach 60,000 potential underrepresented minority students across the member institutions, thus doubling the number of minority graduates from these targeted programs.